Sunday, 20 March 2016

Welcome to Fistful of Lead

It's been an interesting period in the Facebook Oldhammer community, but things seem to be finding their feet again. Two new groups have been created, both with a focus on the old stuff we all know and love, and the original group and trade group have been left to move in a new, organic direction, free of meddling admins. 

So, with all this new time on my hands in the two weeks since Lead of Winter, , I have managed to paint a 400 point Empire Army, a little troupe of halflings, a citadel graveyard and a few villains for my first narrative scenario, The Legend of Sheepy Hollow...... 

I'll leave some photos of the miniatures here, which are mostly Foundry Ex-Citadel, and will follow up this first, brief post, with a battle report later tonight :)

 Citadel Graveyard with Goblin Necromancer 
(most of these are from the DS3 citadel graveyard, the goblin is  citadel chaos goblin)

Foundry ex-citadel cannnon

peasants and the Bottomdown Boys Halfling Scouts

Ichabod Crane and his flock of sheep.

Foundry Ex-citadel crossbowmen and halberdiers

The heroes of the story.... 
(the lawyer and his daughter were painted by my friend Dale)